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video campaign


A young company designed for young people. The big news in the proposal of Portrait Studio is to create a non-canonical experience during the shots of school photos, made of moments of sharing and fun, which move away from the more serious standards to which we are used to.



The goal shared with Tokio Studio was to strategically reach the target with effective communication, designed to talk to young people.



Everything we were taught at school to talk to schools.
Research, analysis and maniacal attention to changes (in particular DAD, new protocols and news in education), allowed us to dynamically plan all the activities that could give a boost to the brand communication.



How has the "class photo" evolved from the 50s to today?
We are telling this in the second hero spot produced for Portrait Studio. A lively narrative that takes color hand in hand during the video and that explodes in a moment of "rebellion". In this way we were able to renew the day of the school photo and create a sense of desire in the students.

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