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In the heart of Langhirano, a small town in the centre of Emilia, Bedogni has been producing the real Parma hamfor decades.
A solid company rich in values, which in 2021 had the need to start communicating, in order to consolidate its online reputation.

Rebranding, brand repositioning and “a method that has become tradition”, to give every user a taste of Bedogni’s values.



"We produce the best Italian Prosciutto, according to Gambero Rosso, but only few know it."

Challenge accepted. Rebranding to position Bedogni as a premium brand, content marketing strategy on social media and creation of ecommerce to give every customer the opportunity to enjoy the high Bedogni delicatessen, wherever they are. Recipe completed, add salt, qb.



While new customers are reached with B2C sales strategies, we also know that the core of the company is the Ho.re.Ca sector. and B2B.

When you know your resources it is easy to exploit them to achieve new goals.
The Advertising strategy has become a real and concrete support to the commercial network of the company, generating hundreds of leads each month.



Goal: to communicate as a premium brand.

From the development of the new ecommerce, to the study and production of a hero spot, through the creation of all social content.

We have created all the organic placements needed to communicate effectively.

We have created a main campaign able to tell the Bedogni Method, through the metaphor of dawn and sunset, which cyclically mark the time of production of Prosciutto di Parma.



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